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Visit our shop to acquire the skills of a professional window tinter and embark on a promising career. Over three days, we'll comprehensively guide you through all aspects of window tinting. Ace of Shades NC Tinting LLC will provide all the necessary tools for your journey into tinting.

Day 1- Tinting Fundamentals Introduction to Window Tinting: Understanding the significance and benefits of window tinting in various applications. Types of Tinting Films: Exploring different film options and their specific uses for automotive. Tools and Equipment: Familiarizing students with the essential tools required for precise tint application. Hands-On Practice: Begin hands-on training, learning the proper techniques for measuring, cutting, and applying tint on various window types. 

Day 2 - Advanced Techniques: Flawless Application: Mastering advanced tinting techniques, including handling curved windows and complex shapes. Heat Shrinking: Understanding the art of heat shrinking to achieve a seamless finish on challenging windows. Specialty Tinting: Exploring unique tinting applications for sunroofs, windshield visors, and decorative films. Business Insights: Introducing the business aspect of tinting, discussing pricing, client relations, and marketing strategies.

Day 3 - Business and Certification: Legal and Safety Considerations: Understanding tinting regulations, safety practices, and compliance requirements. Business Development: Developing a business plan, setting up a tinting shop, and managing finances effectively. Customer Service: Emphasizing the importance of excellent customer service and creating lasting client relationships. Final Project and Certification: Students demonstrate their skills through a final tinting project and receive a certification. 

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3 Day Hands-on Training

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